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Initial Dex Offering:
The New IEO

Initial DEX Offering, popularly known as IDO, entail tokens that represent any type of asset launched on a decentralized exchange (DEX). An IDO can be created for anything – including cryptocurrency, music album, or any other asset.

IDOs are akin to IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), but IEOs involve launching tokens on a centralized exchange. However, initial DEX offering eliminates the exchange fee – charged by initial exchange offering – since the former is decentralized and self-organized.

Antier Expertise: IDO Development

Initial DEX offering is becoming the preferred way of distributing tokens and rising funds in DeFi.

At Antier, we offer comprehensive IDO development services to help start-ups, individuals, and businesses launch their tokens. Our blockchain engineers and subject matter experts work in conjunction to create a coherent roadmap to navigate your IDO development journey which includes ideation and conceptualization, white paper creation, and token development.

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Our Comprehensive Initial DEX Offering Services

We provide a full suite of IDO development services to deliver meaningful business outcomes.

Strategy and Roadmap Creation

We devise a meaningful strategy and create a coherent roadmap to steer your IDO development journey.

White Paper Creation

We help you penetrate the market with a well-written and designed white paper that demands investors’ attention.

Token Development

Our seasoned engineers employ blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to create tokens for your project.

Listing the Token

Our blockchain consultants can help you identify the right decentralized exchange to launch your token.


We follow multi-channel marketing approach to promote your IDO project across various digital platforms, thereby helping you to cut through the noise.


With a team of blockchain engineers, subject matter experts, and marketing specialists, we deliver complete support to ensure successful launch of your IDO project.

Leverage our expertise and end-to-end services to launch your initial DEX offering.

What Benefits can you Leverage from IDO?

With DEX, you can capitalize on the following opportunities:

Quick Trading

The tokens created for initial DEX offering can be traded immediately. Investors can buy the tokens as they are launched and with every purchase, the price of token can start increasing. This can maximize profits for you as an owner.

Immediate Liquidity

Liquidity refers to the ability to buy or sell easily on the market or quickly you can convert your assets into cash. Usually, new projects face low liquidity issues but the immediate buying of IDO tokens contributes to immediate liquidity, which can further benefit the price of the token.

Lower Cost for Listing

Initial DEX offering provides a cost-efficient token sale and listing model. The low cost is a result of the involvement of a smart contract that eliminates the participation of middlemen to drive the IDO process.

Fair Fundraising

With IDO fundraising approach, you need not rely on a centralized exchange and its permission to initiate your fundraising event. This unlocks equal and fair fundraising opportunities for you.

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