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We provide white label crypto friendly core banking solution to help you launch your digital asset bank.

Token Development

Non-fungible tokens store identifying data in their smart contracts that makes them unique from each other. Every NFT represents a particular real world asset and can’t be directly converted to and from another token. With Antier’s end-to-end NFT token development services, individuals and institutions can assure total ownership of their asset.

Role of Non Fungible Token Development Services

NFTs are of great significance in today’s hyperactive digital world. Content creators worry about their profits being unethically shared by middle agents and hosting platforms. With NFT development, they can preserve the ownership rights of their content, publish it and earn lifelong returns. Besides digital attestation of tangible and intangible assets, NFTs can’t be traded like regular crypto tokens on exchange platforms.

The metadata held in NFT is unalterable, indivisible and works as a proof of ownership and authenticity. Moreover, the inability to standardize an asset’s value in token-economics is finally addressed by non fungible tokens.

With Antier’s NFT development services, individuals and institutions can benefit from enhanced digital acceptance of their tangible and non tangible assets. Since they can’t be exchanged in primary markets, created or altered in any way, NFTs provide the most effective proof-of-copyright and licensing ownership.

Antier performs ERC -721 compliant NFT development that ensures a persistent growth of the blockchain network.

Through strategic approach at token development, we achieve the following signature features:

  • Create an immutable proof of digital ownership of a digital asset like shares, content, art forms, real estate, documents etc.
  • Token creation on contract driven blockchain networks with professional non-fungible token tools and support.
  • Ability to add and store detailed information about the asset to claim ownership in a more comprehensive way.

NFT tokens are

  • Indivisible
  • Non-Counterfeit
  • Hold license of ownership
  • Recoverable

Non Fungible Token Development Benefits

Benefits for Token Holders

  • Ability to prove their ownership.
  • The data is immutable and can’t be manipulated.
  • Opportunity to sell and earn royalties for the original creator.
  • Earn lasting returns by holding the token for a longer period.

Benefits for Token Creators

  • Ability to prove their ownership.
  • Control over scarcity and supply.
  • Lifetime royalties every time the token is sold.
  • Ability to trade on any peer-to-peer network.

Non Fungible Token Development Benefits

As avid supporters of a decentralized world, we believe blockchain driven tokenomics holds great potential to resolve key issues of our times. Non-fungible tokens will empower the digital content creators and asset holders to grow in a democratic environment without depending upon hosting agents. Besides NFT token development, we hold expertise in building end-to-end DeFi products for a variety of ecosystems .

With our signature Non-Fungible token development services, businesses can process large volumes of scalable tokens as per the product requirement.
  • Total transparency and ease in assuring platform liquidity.
  • Sustain product information structure and deliver high value through a stronger foundation.
  • A distinctive identification protocol that adds value to smart contract diversification.
  • Swift and secure verification protocol for tokens thereby assuring quicker launch to market.

Features of our NFT Token Development


Fractionalization of
larger assets

Increase in

Secure wallet

Global capitai

Greater market

No intermediaries


Tailored smart

NFT Development Use Cases





NFT backed Loans

Digital Content

Domain Names

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