Amplify your Revenue by Launching a Margin Trading Crypto Exchange

Margin trading is one of the most dominant trends in the crypto market. It involves borrowing funds to amplify potential returns when buying or selling cryptocurrency. With margin trading, traders can leverage increased buying/selling power and can open positions that are much larger than their actual account balance.

For example, if a trader has an account balance of 5 BTC and wants to trade with 10X leverage (10 times bigger than the trader’s account value), he/she can open a position worth 50 BTC. This means that if the market is favorable, traders can amplify their profits 10 times. This opportunity to multiply earnings has made margin trading a preferred choice among crypto traders. Realizing this, crypto exchange owners are integrating their crypto exchange with margin trading to bring more users to their platform and increase their revenue.

At Antier, we develop leverage and margin trading exchange that lets your users go long or short on multiple cryptocurrencies. At the core of every margin trading exchange that we develop is institutional-grade security and powerful trading engine to drive secure and quick transactions. Embark on your leverage and margin trading exchange development journey with us to fuel your growth and amplify your profits.

Business Benefits of Leverage and Margin Trading Exchange Software

A feature-rich crypto leverage trading exchange can help you create new revenue streams for yourself.

Amplified Returns

Margin trading benefits both traders and exchange owners. While traders can maximize their profits by placing a minimum amount, exchange owners can capitalize on the opportunity to amplify their returns through transaction fees.

New Income Stream

Crypto exchange platforms have unutilized funds in their reserve. With a crypto leverage trading exchange, exchange owners can utilize these funds to allow traders to leverage, thereby earning steady returns.

More Users and Earnings

Regardless of the bearish or bullish crypto market, traders are keen on speculating in order to make huge profits. A crypto exchange with leverage trading can acquire more users, which means more earning for exchange owners.

Features of our Margin Trading Exchange Software

Our margin trading crypto exchange is fortified with the following features to deliver world-class performance.

High Leverage

Allow your users to amplify their buying or selling power by using leverage up to multiple times.

Multi-layer Security

The market-leading security features like SSL implementation and two-factor authentication ensure legitimate user access.

Advanced Order Types

Our exchange is integrated with other trading order types such as market order, copy trading, and more.

Powerful Trading Engine

The powerful trading engine offers unprecedented speed and reliability, fortifying the performance of our exchange.

Multi-currency Wallet

The multi-currency wallet integrated into our exchange ensures secure and accelerated transactions for a spectrum of cryptocurrencies.

Robust Admin Panel

A robust Admin panel facilitates monitoring of user activities and transactions happening on the platform.

Security Practices of our Margin
Trading Exchange

We harness advanced features to reinforce the security of our crypto and Bitcoin margin trading exchange.

  • Wallet Securitywith multi-signature withdrawal
  • System Securitywith multi-level authentication
  • Communication Securitywith high-level encryption

Risk Management Features of our Leverage and Margin Trading Exchange

We develop leverage and margin trading software with risk management features integrated into it, to safeguard exchange owners and traders against losses.

Auto Deleveraging (ADL)

It automatically liquidates traders’ positions when the mark price reaches the bankruptcy price.

Stop Loss/Take Profit

Allows traders to set floor and ceiling values for an order, enabling them to automatically exit the market when the situation is favorable.

Partial Close Orders

Enables your users to partially close their orders to take their profits and continue to benefit from the bullish market.

Insurance Funds

It helps traders to protect their funds against auto deleveraging even if their positions fall below the maintenance margin amount.